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We print 10000 every 3 months and distribute the magazines to the motelsĀ  camping grounds service stations cafes and to the business staff rooms in the main part of every town between Waitaki and Mid Canterbury.

We also display them at the Queenstown and Christchurch Airports to encourage overseas tourists to take their time and enjoy their holiday in these lovely towns.

Contact Linda for more @ info@regionalpromotions.co.nz

  • Standard 66 x 99mm colour advertisement (includes write up of 100 words)
    $300.00 + GST = $345.00 (per issue)
  • 1/3 page colour advertisement(limited availability)
    (below editorial)
    $500.00 + GST = $575.00 (per issue)

Please Note: Advertisers remain on the Regional Promotions website for 12 months as complimentary to having paid to be on the quarterly magazine.


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